Potato Chips in my Omelette, per @chefjoseandres

My husband and I got a few of the new Jose Andres package foods as a housewarming gift, mussels, olives and these really simple potato chips with pink salt. The only ingredients are potatoes, olive oil, and salt. I was almost finished with the bag when I noticed Jose’s suggestion on the back: delicious in omelettes.

Just home from visiting family over the holiday, and what am I doing tonight? Nothing, therefore making an omelette.

I beat two eggs and a little half and half with salt, pepper, and paprika, plus two slices of chopped ham. I reserved a little ham to put on top after I was finished cooking.

Added about one tablespoon of olive oil to my little nonstick IKEA pan, but I could have used less. The chips let out a little oil as they cooked.

I like a two fold omelette. I hear Julia Child said an omelette should only take a minute, but this took about four.

No surprise, Chef was right! The chips were so rich, I’m really glad I didn’t add any cheese. Not a ton of texture, like the tortilla chips in migas, but way more flavor. Buttery, salty, fabulous. When you’re down to the last few crumbs of chips, I highly recommend adding them to eggs!

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